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Why Commence?

China Market EntryCommence Technology Partners offers our clients many advantages over more traditional consulting services. It is our belief that the client is entitled to a first class product at a reasonable rate. We have been saying this since 1990. While we do engage in short-term projects, most of our projects range from 6 months to 2 years, or more. Many of our clients re-engage our services for follow-on projects so we must be doing something right. To insure this philosophy, we offer the following benefits:

  • We have the technical expertise to become effective in your organization immediately. We strive to minimize the learning curve and minimize your expenses providing quicker results at less cost.
  • Our China and U.S. staff consists of professional, executive consultants focused on building a practice. This improves control, increases effectiveness and insures quality and on-time deliverables for our clients.
  • We provide senior level consultants at affordable rates. You can be assured you are working with an executive-level individual that has held senior-level positions with high-technology companies and is imminently qualified to perform to your expectation level. This saves you, the client, money, and provides better control through best practices and proven methodologies.
  • We can custom tailor a program for you and apply the appropriate resources almost immediately without the normal costly delays and overhead of permanent employees.
  • We offer both strategic and tactical levels of support. We don't just give you a report - we can implement the strategy
  • We become a part of your team increasing operational effectiveness.
  • Relationships established with key suppliers of next-generation products allow us to utilize technology such as video conferencing and collaborative computing in our own offices. Most of us live in China  and are exposed to leading-edge products before they enter the U.S. market. This insures that you are getting first-hand information based upon practical experience. This reduces our cost to you by minimizing our research time and overhead.
  • Our research databases are on a par with he largest consulting organizations. This allows us to offer industry trend analysis at a fraction of the cost of other consulting companies.
  • We can provide China professional services on a project or task oriented basis. This gives you the utmost in flexibility in budgeting and planning.
  • By also offering implementation services, Commence can insure the timeliest launch of your program.
  • We constantly generate new, innovative strategies, for our clients through on-going training and "brainstorming" sessions. This results in an increased level of creativity and synergy creating a higher quality and cost-effective product.
  • Our rates are significantly less than other consulting firms.