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China Market Entry

Today, China is become the world’s second largest economy, and its purchasing parity is rapidly overtaking the United States. This means that both large players and smaller companies must include China in their strategic plans. China's Gross Domestic Product in 2013 realized a 7.8 percent increase over 2012 . Among developed countries, China has the strongest economy in the world at the present time.

China represents a staggering business potential for telecommunications, networking and enterprise technologies, applications and implementations. China’s continuing growth and IT initiatives is widely expected to trigger a further wave of inward investment from foreign firms as the terms of entry into new sectors of the China economy are progressively liberalized. Commence Technology Partners believes that the U.S.-based, high-technology industry’s ability to grow out of the current depressed economy is going to depend very significantly on these global markets. Why?

  • The China market represents a way for U.S. and European companies to help offset decreased revenues as Western corporations slash information Technology expenditures
  • Expenditures for technology infrastructure such as networking and enterprise applications solutions are increasing at an increasing rate
  • It will be more expensive both in terms of time and money to wait. Ten years ago, it was almost 10 times less expensive to enter the China market than it is today. Chances are, your competitors are already there
  • It is difficult to ignore a market that comprises one-fifth of the world's population, and an economy which will soon be the world's largest For a technology company, the question isn't really "should we go to China." The question is "can we afford not to go"?

Establishing a presence in China is still a challenging experience for unwary organizations, however. The problems of China market entry, growing market share or succeeding in China are unique. We help you take advantage of the exciting new opportunities in China by guiding your company in developing the right business relationships and cultural understanding to ensure your success in China.

China market entry consulting projects depend on the type of investment vehicle and on the amount of information readily available to the client. We evaluate considerations on the behalf of our clients and provide seamless multi-disciplinary services covering sales, marketing, business development and legal issues including our Global Market Entry strategic marketing and market research capabilities. Our professional services range from business planning to providing a complete turn-key office staff including senior management, sales, sales engineers, marketing and administration without recruitment fees.

Commence has over 140 years of experience working in China with our extensive relationships, ranging from the highest government officials to potential channel partners and end-user customers, we can help navigate the bureaucratic waters, speed up the process of government approvals, gain market intelligence and insider information not currently available, and act as your virtual China management team.

​Some of Our Relationships...


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...and many others