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About Us

Commence Technology Partners
is a 14 year old strategic marketing, business development and China market entry professional services company with offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong and Seattle, Washington. We develop and implement China market entry strategies for technology companies from the U.S. and Europe on an outsourced basis. We work “hands on” to establish or expand China operations for our clients based on a mutually agreed strategic and tactical plan, operational goals and revenue targets.

We directly leverage the extensive experience, networks and contacts of our 10 partners and associates to develop initialChina Market Entry sales and channel partnerships; select appropriate outsourcing partners and/or manufacturing; recruit outstanding teams; and in general develop and implement a profitable and sustainable business model across China. We have developed compelling strategies on the behalf of clients that have allowed them to expand into new markets, reach their customers more effectively, enhance productivity and provide a substantial return on investment.

Value Proposition:
  • Experience: Our substantial staff in China, Hong Kong and the U.S. have all lived and worked for many years in China. We understand the customs and most importantly, we understand the Chinese relationship-based business culture that allows our clients to reach their intended market in the least amount of time.
  • Knowledge: We have several decades of experience in many technology areas (including telecommunications, networking, semiconductor, consumer, component and supporting applications, tools and implementations as well as enterprise software solutions). We have significant experience working with technology providers in China including associated channel partners, and appropriate government ministries.
  • Relationships: Many people say they have contacts in China. Contacts are not what drives business opportunities. We have spent many years developing and maintaining relationships ranging from the highest levels of the Central Government to potential partners and ultimate end-users. These relationships accelerate our client’s success in their chosen market.
  • Breadth: We not only have the resources and knowledge to provide a compelling and meaningful “recipe for success” but we also have the capability to implement the strategy in China to drive short-term revenue opportunities. Consequently, we make sure the plan is “executable”, has quantifiable metrics and represents the shortest path to success.
  • Value: We believe in providing value to our clients. Our methodology and quality of product is equal or better than that provided by the largest practices at a fraction of the cost. We feel this results in a substantial return-on-investment by our clients.
  • Satisfaction: Much of our business is repeat business. Many of our client’s engage our services for multiple projects. In many cases, we have worked on several projects for a single client for up to 3 years.